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Welcome to The Gremlins Umbrella Authority

The Gremlins Umbrella Authority is an online business involved in domain name investment, and web site development.

Our Websites

We are moving towards making website design and development the main part of our business.

We try to develop engaging, clean websites with a clear target audience. For example, we are in the process of developing PubJudge a social, interactive pub review website.

Domain Names

We own a large portfolio of high quality domain names which we have developed, or are in the process of developing into prime online destinations. These include economics.co.uk, mmmm.com, and mining.net.

We are always looking for opportunities to invest in high quality domain names. If you own a category killer domain name with a reasonable price tag, please do get in contact.

Domain Tools

We also actively develop a series of free domain tools which can be utilized by anyone. For example our domain name history tool which allows you to track ownership changes over time, and our domain whois lookup tool which shows who owns a domain name in a simple, and concise way.

Other tools we offer include:

Keep up to date

Given the significance of social media to our web development activities, we maintain active accounts on all the popular platforms. Please 'follow','like', and '+1' our respective pages so that you can keep up to date with all our news.

We also maintain a blog where you can read about our investments, and our web development processes.