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Historical domain name registration fees .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, and .biz

January 27th 2013 | Written by Thomas | Tags: | Comments (1878)
I was doing some research, collating some transactional data from the past to attempt to piece together exactly how much I had spent on domain names over the past eight years.

I decided that it would be nigh on impossible to extract all my renewal data from the 50,000 emails I have received over the time period, and as such I decided that to get a 'best guesstimate' as to how much I had spent on renewals I would use the wholesale prices.

The wholesale prices of domains are the prices at which the registries (Verisign for .com and .net, PIR for .org, Afillias for .info, and Neustar for .biz and .us) sell registrations to registrars, the companies with whom the public tend to interact.

Registrars (such as Godaddy) then tend to mark up these prices to sell registrations to the consumer. As such my calculations utilizing wholesale costs would be an underestimate of what I had actually spent.

As such I went about trying to search for data on the wholesale prices of the various main extensions in which we have previously invested. To my dismay this data was extremely difficult to find. I did eventually find the data I was looking for, and such that no-one else has to go through the tedium of finding it, I thought I'd post it here.

As far as my understanding goes, the respective registries set a price that registrars have to pay. The registrars also have to pay an ICANN fee which varies from extension to extension.

I have listed the base registry rates and the dates they went into effect. The ICANN fees (where applicable) are noted next to the extension. As such, the real cost of a .com to the registrars from January 15th 2012 is $8.03.

I have also included links to the 'letters sent to ICANN' which notified them of the respective price changes.

Hopefully someone finds this useful.

.COM ($0.18 ICANN Fee)

Jan 15th 2012 $7.85 Link

Jul 1st 2010 $7.34 Link

Oct 1st 2008 $6.86 Link

Oct 15th 2007 $6.42 Link

1999 $6.00

.NET ($0.75 ICANN Fee)

Jan 15th 2012 $5.11 Link

Jul 1st 2010 Link

Oct 1st 2008 $4.23 Link

Oct 15th 2007 $3.85 Link

1999 $3.50


Feb 1st 2012 $7.85 Link

Apr 1st 2011 $7.30 Link

Jun 1st 2009 $6.85 Link

Oct 19th 2007 $6.42 Link

December 2006 $6.00


Jul 1st 2013 $8.25 Link

Apr 1st 2011 $7.21 Link

Nov 9th 2008 $6.75 Link

Oct 18th 2007 $6.15 Link


Jul 1st 2011 $7.42 Link

Nov 1st 2008 $6.75 Link

Oct 15th 2007 $6.15 Link

PubJudge.com feature demonstration video.

January 12th 2013 | Written by Thomas | Tags: | Comments (659)
We are building up to a full scale launch of our latest, and greatest product - PubJudge.com

Pubs are a passion of mine, and working on the PubJudge website over the years has been an eye opening experience in terms of my personal development.

I have improved my PHP, mySQL, Javascript, jQuery, and CSS skills dramatically, and I like to think I was pretty good at them anyway !

In addition to the above I have learned Java, having jumped in at the deep end working on the Pub Judge android application. It is my intention that over the coming months I will complete the android app, and begin looking at Objective C and iPhone development.

Furthermore I have gained experience in networking, communication, marketing (offline, and web based), amongst other things.

Mentally, and financially, the development of the website has been a lot of effort. It has however paid off, and I have developed something I can 100% say that I am proud of.

So without further ado, here is a little promotional feature video that I put together to show to potential partners. Making this did show me one thing to do with computers which I am most certainly not good at :) - video editing.

Hope you like it, and check out Pub Judge if you are looking for independent, social pub reviews from across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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