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National Student Rodeo - the technical side

February 15th 2012 | Written by Thomas | Tags: | Comments: (1384)
Over the past month or two I have been actively working on the National Student Rodeo.

I have been working on the online registration system, and the scoring system for the event.

In November I was asked to create the website for the event. I did this, as can be seen here.

At the time I asked for details on what else the team would need me to design such that I could get it done while I had no work on. Needless to say I got the details in the middle of January :)

I designed the online registration system in near enough 3 days, then optimized it after it had gone live. It worked flawlessly, was a really good learning experience, and is easily expandable as well as being significantly more efficient than the last system. There was one small period of downtime based on me pushing a broken edit (oops), but no-one really noticed. Apart from that, my logs state it worked flawlessly. I am pretty happy.

The online scoring system is now complete in its most basic form. It also works really well. The hope is that by making the systems extremely efficient we will be able to massively reduce the workload of the technical team at the event.

When I mentioned that I was going to redesign the system, a few people with little knowledge of the area chastised me for making an informed decision. Needless to say, I think I have proved them wrong.

NSR 2012 will be awesome. Using this system the only organizational problem will now be actually getting people on the course :)


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Two core business income 9.241 billion yuan annual report, 2012, Younger achieved operating earnings of 10.733 billion yuan, as the business apparel organization restructuring, transformation and upgrading accomplished remarkable final results, stripped of some low-profit foundry textile export home business and cut down processing home business, representing decreased six.99% more than the exact same period last year; applying the identical technique of calculation, the companys core company brand clothes and genuine estate improvement small business achieved operating earnings of 9.241 billion yuan total, representing a growth of 26.54 % over precisely the same period final year. The "Securities Daily" reporters calculations, Youngor brand apparel business and real estate development organization in 2012 Total operating revenues 9.241 billion yuan, accounting for income of ten.733 billion yuan Younger proportion of 86%. 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In addition, the annual report also disclosed Younger most industry interest on availability. Report shows that as of the reporting period, the volume of apparel small business inventory totaled 1.521 billion yuan. Younger said from the companys 795 self-stores, totaling two,719 outlets to analyze the channel structure, the companys stock has maintained a reasonable level. Though real estate improvement income topped Younger fortune garment industry is sector, but the real estate business enterprise was latecomers. A CPA to reporters, said: "According to 2012 annual report, Youngor true estate improvement to achieve operating revenue of four.796 billion yuan, 4.083 billion yuan greater than the clothing sector, which had accounted for half from the Younger." In 2012, the state continues the actual estate handle policies, But Youngers true estate industry has entered the era of profit equalization and received much more apparel business revenue. Report shows that in 2012, Youngor has 4 projects (Ningbo Sea View Garden, Extended Island Villa, Suzhou City, the future five, Xixi Qingxue four projects) to achieve delivery and carry-income, genuine estate and tourism improvement general organization operating income of five.158 billion yuan, net profit of 1.009 billion yuan, respectively, an increase of 41.84% over the preceding year and 76.54%. Amongst them, the genuine estate development industry revenues to attain 4.796 billion yuan. "Even although I did actual estate Maori clothing higher, however the money flow is very impressive, an increase over the starting of your end on the housing fund to advance 2.531 billion yuan, the business operating money flow surge, substantially greater than the net profit." The accountant so analyzed. Information show that Youngor brand apparel gross margin reached 65.09 % final year, genuine estate development sector gross profit margin was 47.24%. Younger said the firm in 2012 to achieve pre-sale region 450,600 square meters, the amount of 8.026 billion yuan pre-recovery of funds 8.563 billion yuan, respectively, over the same period final year 29.84%, 23.57% and 30.61%. Excellent pre-sale back section of the companys capital position and liability structure continued to improve. With all the apparel enterprise and true estate development business enterprise growth is numerous is that the enterprise incurred a loss in 2012 231 million yuan investment sector. Still, the CPA believes that Younger invest 1.eight billion yuan to subscribe Beijing National League power industry investment funds, economic investment for additional expansion within the future though the Troika impressive development potential. http://www.gravitation.vsi.ru/showthread.php?p=1384015#post1384015 http://wk.yuyj.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=858088&pid=920188&page=1&extra=page=1#pid920188
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